Supplying the council

SourceDogg - New E-Sourcing system

In April we are replacing our old SupplierForce e-sourcing system with Sourcedogg making it much easier for suppliers to interact with the council. 

Below we have collated some FAQs to help with the change over:

Register your interest to supply Peterborough City Council

If you would like to register your interest in supplying Peterborough City Council or have any questions for the Procurement Unit please complete the form below.

If you have any questions about becoming a supplier, email

Local supplier guide

We recognise the important contribution that small businesses can make in delivering public services and the vital role these businesses play in the local Peterborough economy, thus supporting the commissioning-led approach.

The local supplier guide is designed to help local businesses understand how the council makes procurement decisions and support the participation of those local businesses in appropriate procurement activities.

Local supplier guide

Size: 910.28 KB File format: pdf

Purchase orders

We operate a purchase order payment system which is reliant on a purchase order number matching your invoice. In order to ensure that we pay you fast and efficiently, you must:

  • request a purchase order number, which are raised by council staff
  • be in possession of a purchase order number before you provide goods, works or services to us
  • when you invoice us, you must quote the purchase order number so that it can be matched to the order and subsequently paid to you.

Please do not accept any orders from the council without a purchase order number. Any such orders are likely to cause lengthy delays in payment and at worse, be invalid. It is important that you understand this.


Supplier invoices must be addressed as follows and sent to:

Peterborough City Council
PO Box 456
Bridge Street


email invoices to:


  • Our standard terms of payment are 30 days from the date of invoice
  • preferred method of payment is by BACS transfer
  • provide your bank account details and an email address for the remittance advice to be sent to.

Tenders and contracts

We are required to work to EU procurement directives applying to contracts above given thresholds:

  • services and supplies over £173,934
  • works over £4,348,350.

We advertise our tender opportunities on a dedicated procurement portal. The portal provides real-time information on all our current, past and future proposed tenders. 

Terms and conditions

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Tender guidelines

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Procurement strategy

The council spends in excess of £200 million per year on procuring works, goods and services through a variety of procurement and contracting arrangements covering a wide and diverse spectrum of council functions.

This strategy will align to the council’s customer strategy which is fundamental in the understanding of our customer and business needs that will shape the way we deliver our services as a commissioning led council.

Procurement strategy

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