Proxy votes


Voting by proxy is a convenient way of voting if you are unable to get to the polling station. By proxy means that you can appoint someone you trust to vote on your behalf either at the polling station or by post.

How to vote by proxy

In order to vote by proxy you will need to fill in an application form which clearly states your signature and date of birth. The form must then be returned to the Electoral Services Department for processing. The main points to consider before applying for a proxy vote are:

  • you must be on the electoral register in order to apply for a proxy vote
  • when you apply for a proxy vote you will need to provide a reason as to why you require the vote
  • you may have to get someone to support your application to confirm that your reason for applying to vote by proxy is valid
  • the deadline for applying to vote by proxy is normally 6 working days before an election
  • anyone can be your proxy as long as they are eligible to vote in that type of election and they are willing to vote on your behalf
  • you cannot be a proxy for more than two people at any one election unless they are a close relative.

If you apply for a proxy vote it is important to remember the following:

  • your proxy will be sent a proxy poll card telling them when and where to vote
  • if your proxy cannot get to the polling station, they can apply to vote for you by post. They can apply to do this up to 11 days before the election day
  • you must let your proxy know how you want them to vote on your behalf eg. for which candidate or for which party
  • if you are able to get to the polling station on election day, you can still vote in person as long as your proxy has not already done so or has applied to vote by post for you.

Proxy applications

You can apply for a proxy vote by completing the proxy vote application form on the Your Vote Matters website and returning it to the Electoral Services Department using the contact details below. 

Emergency proxy vote

In certain circumstances, where you have an emergency that means you can no longer vote in person on polling day, you can apply for an emergency proxy.

An emergency proxy can be applied for after the deadline for appointing normal proxy has closed. This applies to those who have to be away for work and only discovered this after the proxy application deadline and for those who have a medical reason after the deadline. These proxies would need to be supported by an employer (there are provisions for the self-employed) or a relevant medical professional.

The provision for emergency proxies has now also been extended to include those who are having to isolate due to COVID-19 and those displaying COVID-19 symptoms on polling day. You can also apply to change your nominated proxy if they are self-isolating.

You can apply for an emergency proxy using the relevant form below up to 5pm on polling day.

  • You have a medical emergency
  • You are away for work
  • You are self-isolating due to COVID-19

You should return your form to the council's Electoral Services department by email or by post to the contact details below.

Application to vote by emergency proxy in England based on COVID-19_0108KBpdf
Size: 108KBFile format: pdf
Emergency disability proxy vote application form688KBpdf
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Emergency employment proxy vote application form687KBpdf
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Contact details

The Electoral Services Department
Town Hall

Phone: 01733 452249