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Results of previous elections and referendums

View the results of previous elections and referendums held in Peterborough.

Newborough Parish Council and Ufford Parish Council - June 2024

A poll for the election of one parish councillor for Newborough took place on Wednesday 12 June 2024.

Ufford Parish Council's election was uncontested. Therefore two candidates were duly elected.

View both notices below for further information.

City councillor election results - 2 May 2024

On Thursday 2 May 2024, city council elections took place in Peterborough. The overall turnout was 30.32%.

Parish council election results - May 2024

A poll will only take place if there are more nominations than there are seats for a particular parish ward. The following parish councils were uncontested:

  • Bainton and Ashton (5 seats)
  • Barnack (7 seats)
  • Hampton Hargate and Vale
    • Hampton Hargate (6 seats)
    • Hampton Vale (8 seats)
  • Helpston (9 seats)
  • Orton Longueville
    • East (1 seat)
    • North-East (1 seat)
    • Orton Longueville (9 seats)
  • Orton Waterville
    • Goldhay East (1 seat)
    • Orton Waterville (12 seats)
  • Southorpe (5 seats)
  • Ufford (5 seats)
  • Wothorpe and St Martin's Without
    • St Martin's Without (1 seat)
    • Wothorpe (5 seats)

View the 'Notice of Uncontested Elections - Parish Councillors - 2024' to see the persons duly elected for the above parish councils.

Insufficient candidates were nominated for Ufford Parish Council to make a quorum. Please view the Ufford notice below for further information.

Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner election - 2 May 2024

An election for the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner took place on 2 May 2024.

Borough Fen parish by-election results - 22 November 2023

On Wednesday 22 November 2023, a parish by-election took place in Borough Fen.

City councillor election results - 4 May 2023

On Thursday 4 May 2023, city council elections took place in Peterborough.

Parish councillor elections - 4 May 2023

A poll will only take place if there are more nominations than there are seats for the particular parish ward. The following parish councils were uncontested:

  • Bretton North (15 seats)
  • Bretton South (5 seats)
  • Deeping Gate (7 seats)
  • Eye (12 seats)
  • Eye Green (3 seats)
  • Maxey (7 seats)
  • Northborough (9 seats)

View the 'Notice of Uncontested Parishes - May 2023' document to see the persons duly elected for the above parish councils.

With regards to Etton Parish Council, no candidates were nominated for the five seats available at the 4 May 2023 election.

On 22 June 2023, following an uncontested election, four candidates were duly elected to Etton Parish Council.

We have published both notice documents for Etton Parish Council below.

Newborough Parish by-election

Following the nomination process which ended at 4pm on Friday 27 January 2023, this election has concluded without contest.

2022 Helpston Neighbourhood Planning Referendum

A referendum for the Helpston Neighbourhood Plan took place on 15 September 2022.

View the Neighbourhood Plan page for further information.

2022 election results

2021 election results

2019 election results

2018 election results

Size: 115KBFile format: pdf
2018 Wansford Parish Council election result
Size: 115KBFile format: pdf

Pre-2017 election results

2017 Northborough Parish uncontested election result
Size: 73KBFile format: pdf
2017 Eye, Thorney and Newborough Ward By-election results
Size: 106KBFile format: pdf
Certificate Of Result - First Count - Mayoral Election 2017108KBpdf
2017 Cambs & Peterborough Mayor Certificate of Result - First count
Size: 108KBFile format: pdf
2017 Park Ward By-election Results
Size: 109KBFile format: pdf
2017 Parliamentary Elections - North West Cambridgeshire Constituency
Size: 97KBFile format: pdf
2017 Peakirk Referendum - Result of Poll
Size: 92KBFile format: pdf
2017 East Ward Election Results
Size: 94KBFile format: pdf
Castor Neighbourhood Plan Referendum
Size: 110KBFile format: pdf
Ailsworth Neighbourhood Plan Referendum
Size: 99KBFile format: pdf
2016 Police and Crime Commissioner Election
Size: 199KBFile format: pdf
2016 Local Government Elections
Size: 1.05MBFile format: pdf
2015 Local Government Elections
Size: 2.41MBFile format: pdf
2015 Parliamentary Elections - Peterborough Constituency
Size: 197KBFile format: pdf
2015 Hampton Hargate Parish Council Election
Size: 42KBFile format: pdf
2015 Parliamentary Elections - North West Cambridgeshire Constituency
Size: 159KBFile format: pdf
2015 West Ward Election Results
Size: 195KBFile format: pdf
2014 Hampton Hargate Parish Council
Size: 241KBFile format: pdf
2014 European Elections
Size: 273KBFile format: pdf
2014 Uncontested Parish Council Elections
Size: 326KBFile format: pdf
2014 City Council Elections
Size: 650KBFile format: pdf
2013 South Bretton Parish Council Election
Size: 48KBFile format: pdf
2012 Local Government Elections
Size: 657KBFile format: pdf
2011 Uncontested Parish Council Elections
Size: 259KBFile format: pdf
2011 Etton Parish Council Election
Size: 28KBFile format: pdf
2011 Bretton North Ward Parish Council Election
Size: 129KBFile format: pdf
2011 Local Government Elections
Size: 566KBFile format: pdf
2010 Parliamentary Elections
Size: 114KBFile format: pdf
2010 Uncontested Parish Council elections
Size: 270KBFile format: pdf
2010 Local Government elections
Size: 665KBFile format: pdf
2009 European elections
Size: 58KBFile format: pdf
2009 South Bretton Ward election
Size: 47KBFile format: pdf
2009 West Ward election
Size: 67KBFile format: pdf
2008 Local Government elections
Size: 151KBFile format: pdf
2007 City Council elections
Size: 162KBFile format: pdf
2007 Parish Council elections
Size: 51KBFile format: pdf
2006 City Council elections
Size: 269KBFile format: pdf
2005 Parliamentary elections
Size: 59KBFile format: pdf
2004 Parish Council elections
Size: 192KBFile format: pdf
2004 Uncontested Parish elections
Size: 97KBFile format: pdf
2004 City Council elections
Size: 590KBFile format: pdf
2004 European elections
Size: 56KBFile format: pdf
2003 West Ward election
Size: 33KBFile format: pdf
2002 City Council election
Size: 300KBFile format: pdf