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Peterborough's first Tiny Forest

Following a successful funding bid to the Forestry Commission's Local Authority Treescapes Fund (LATF), we recently planted our first Tiny Forest at the John Clare Recreation Ground in Gunthorpe, in partnership with environmental charity Earthwatch.

We have planted over 4,400 trees across the city this current planting season.

The planting is part of our wider aspiration to provide 25% canopy cover of trees over the city by 2035. This means planting 37,400 trees over the next 11 years.

About Tiny Forests

A Tiny Forest consists of approximately 600 fast-growing native trees planted densely in a tennis court size plot. This type of small-scale woodland is based on the Miyawaki forest management method from the 1970s. It has proven to be very successful in accelerating forest development without using any chemicals or fertilisers.

Tiny Forests can be planted in almost any shape to fit the space available. This makes them suitable for even the trickiest of urban spaces.

According to data from Earthwatch, each Tiny Forest can attract over 500 animals and plant species within the first three years.

Tiny Forests are not only great homes for butterflies, birds, bees and other wildlife. They also provide a place for local people to connect with and learn about nature.

Since 2020, Earthwatch has worked with partners and communities across the country to plant over 200 Tiny Forests.

We are looking to undertake more Miyawaki inspired plantings across the city.

Photo of info board at the John Clare Recreation Ground Tiny Forest
Tiny Forest plot with five wooden benches in front