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Local land charges


Peterborough's local land charges register has moved

On 31 January 2020, our local land charges register transferred to HM Land Registry

We will only accept CON29 searches from this date.

Local Authority searches

When buying a property or piece of land, your solicitor will submit a local land charges search which will show whether there are any legal restrictions affecting the land or property.

The council will investigate any restrictions and bring all the information together in the form of a local authority search. The information is collected from different council departments including planning, building control, highways and environmental health.

Local Land Charges Search (LLC1)

This consists of a search of the Local Land Charges Register. The LLC1 relates to all subsisting local land charges e.g. conditional planning applications, tree preservation orders, listed buildings, conservation areas, smoke control orders, road agreements, enforcement notices and financial entries where money is owed to the council when work has been carried out on the property or land.

Please note: Since 31 January 2020, our Local Land Charges searches can be obtained from HM Land Registry at a cost of £15.

Form CON29

Form CON29R is a questionnaire and the information comes from various council departments. It contains Part 1 standard questions revealing any planning applications, building regulations, road proposals or schemes, compulsory purchase orders, enforcement actions, and formal/informal notices.

Form CON29O contains nineteen Part 2 optional enquiries including, for example, pipelines, environmental and pollution notices, common land and Town or Village Green.

Personal Search (environmental information request)

Our Local Land Charges and Personal Search services have now been transferred to HM Land Registry. 

You can access this service through your HM Land Registry portal account, business gateway and on the HM Land Registry pages on GOV.UK.

How to submit a local authority search (CON29)

When applying for a search, please ensure you provide the following information and send it by email to

  • A statutory form CON29R with full postal address of the property, including the postcode, number and plot number if applicable
  • A recent Ordnance Survey plan showing the property clearly outlined in red and crossed hatched
  • If applicable, statutory form CON29O for Part 2 optional enquiries
  • The relevant search fee (please pay online).

Please note: Allow 10 working days to receive a reply to CON29R searches.

Size: 110KBFile format: pdf
Size: 350KBFile format: pdf

Land search fees

Local Land Charges (LLC1) searches can be obtained from HM Land Registry at a cost of £15.

CON29R and CON29O searches submitted to the local authority are considered to be refined data and therefore subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20%.

Our VAT Reg Number for your records is GB121533513. 

Please pay online, we no longer accept cheques.


CON29R is a set list of questions that are answered by various departments within the Council.

Service Net VAT VAT @ 20% Total Fee
CON29R (Residential)




CON29R (Commercial)




Please note: for your payment to be attributed, you will need to add your search address in the Requirements/Details field.


CON29O is a set list of optional questions.

Service Net VAT VAT @ 20% Total Fee
CON29O Enquiry (each) £30 £6 £36

Please note: for your payment to be attributed, you will need to add your search address in the Requirements/Details field.

Other payments

Service Net VAT VAT @ 20% Total Fee
Additional Enquiry (Including Solicitors, each) £32.50 £6.50 £39
Additional parcel of land (each) £27.50 £5.50 £33
Expedite Fee (for a 2 day turnaround) £64.17 £12.83 £77

Please note: for your payment to be attributed, you will need to add your search address in the Requirements/Details field.

Cancelling a search

Please be advised that the relevant fee payment will be taken for any search that has been submitted to the Local Land Charges team. We cannot cancel searches once entered on the computer as work will have already commenced.

Land Charge documents

Please note that the majority of planning and highways agreements are available through the council's Planning Portal.

Land charges searches - environmental health

Use the environmental health land charges searches form for following CON29 (R and O) answers 3.7 (b), 3.7 (c), 3.7 (f), 3.12, 11, 19, 20. 

Contact local land charges