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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update:

Homelessness - Home owners and private renters: While we are in lockdown evictions will not take place. If you have received a notice to quit or an order for possession requiring you to leave during lockdown please stay put. If your landlord tries to evict you during this time please call us on 01733 864064 during office hours or 01733 864157 outside of office hours.

Please note any possession action is likely to recommence after lockdown ends so it's important that you still pay your rent/mortgage and contact us for further advice if you need to.

If you have experienced a drop income as a result of recent events please ensure you seek advice from the DWP to see if you're able to get assistance with Universal Credit.

Homelessness - From friends or family: It is essential that households do not mix at this time during lockdown. You must remain together while under these conditions. We understand that tensions in the household at this time will be greater than usual, but we will insist that you remain together as a household to prevent the risk of spread of infection.

Homelessness - Domestic abuse: Previous lockdowns have shown us that domestic abuse increases during periods of lockdown. Domestic Abuse is not acceptable and if you find yourself in a domestic abuse situation please contact us for advice and assistance.

The Housing Register: We are still accepting new applications, find out how to apply below.

Choice Based Lettings: House moves are still permitted so we continue to advertise available properties through Choice Based Lettings.

Prison leavers: The prison resettlement service or probation service should refer anyone who will have no accommodation on release from prison via our ALERT referral system and we will be in touch. Please only use this system if your client is going to be homeless and has no accommodation or family/friends they are able to stay with on release.

Rough sleeping: We are still offering a service to rough sleepers and our outreach team have been working with our partners to ensure that anyone found to be rough sleeping is offered accommodation. If you are rough sleeping or know someone who is please visit the Garden House, Wheel yard, Cathedral Precincts, Peterborough or complete our online referral form and we'll be in touch.

Updated: 5 January 2021


We deliver a range of advice and assistance to those with accommodation needs. Whether you're a Housing Association tenant, rent privately, own a property or have no fixed address, we offer free and confidential advice on various housing related subjects. 

We maintain the Peterborough Housing Register and the choice based lettings scheme for the Peterborough Homes Partnership.

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