Composting at home

Home composting is a great way of getting free compost in your own garden. At least 30% of household waste can be composted. Many people think that garden waste is the only thing that you can put in your compost bin, but there are actually lots of everyday waste items in your home and garden that you can add to enrich your compost.

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What you can compost

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Tea bags, coffee grounds and filter papers Cooked food (use food waste caddy)
Egg shells and cardboard egg boxes Fish (use food waste caddy)
Vegetable/fruit peelings, old flowers Dairy cheese (use food waste caddy)
Shredded confidential documents Bread, pastry, cakes (use food waste caddy)
Dry leaves, twigs and hedge clippings Meat (use food waste caddy)
Bedding from vegetarian pets Cat litter (use black bin)
Grass cuttings  
Vacuum bag contents  

Water butts

Rainwater collected in water butts can be used in your garden or for washing your car. They save water and can reduce your water bill.

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