Commitment to recycling

Peterborough is a leading recycler among local authorities and aims to be the environment capital in the UK. We are proud of our residents and their commitment to recycling, who achieved over 50% recycling rate in 2013/2014, so thank you to all. 

If you wish to speak with us about our local waste projects, please contact customer services or email

65% plus

The 65% plus initiative reflects our commitment to recycle, compost or recover more than 65% of discarded household and garden materials and to use the remaining materials as a fuel to generate electricity and heat for local use.  

Reaching our targets

Widespread public consultation, beginning in 2001, has involved Peterborough residents in choosing the best options for achieving future recycling and waste disposal targets. The main priorities that emerged from this extensive consultation were to:

  • reduce pollution as much as possible
  • reduce waste for landfill
  • generate electricity from waste
  • reduce climate change as much as possible.

As a part of implementing our Waste 2020 strategy, we are investing in facilities that will help residents re-use and recycle more than 65% of discarded household and garden materials, as well as providing a long-term, sustainable alternative to landfill.

Achieving our targets

We can achieve in excess of 65% recycling by continuing to work together with our local residents. We are already committed to providing services to help residents recycle as much as possible, such as the collection and recycling of paper, card, plastics, cans, aluminium foil and glass through green bins, separating food waste from the black general waste bins. We also offer an opt-in chargeable collection of garden waste for composting.

Investment in new facilities is critical for success and we have introduced: 

  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment facility
  • Collection and treatment of household food waste.

Even with recycling levels at 65%, there will still be about one third of our waste that cannot be recycled. We plan to use this residual waste in an energy from waste facility to generate renewable energy.

Minimising waste

An important way to tackle waste problems is to reduce the amount of material we throw away. We promote the ‘reduce and re-use’ philosophy while increasing opportunities for residents to recycle materials. For example, many people are opting for re-usable shopping bags rather than single-use, disposable plastic bags. 

Wasting food costs the average household £480 a year, rising to £680 for a family with children, the equivalent of around £50 a month. Further tips and information is available on our recycling advice page.  

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