Landfill waste

We are working with Amey to encourage everyone to ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ as much of their waste as possible. Inevitably there is waste that cannot be recycled, which has historically been sent to landfill.

Peterborough currently produces around 90,000 tonnes of waste per year, around 50% of which is currently recycled. Our goal is to achieve in excess of 65% recycling by 2020, including all dry recycling, garden waste and unwanted food waste.

What we do with the rest of our rubbish

With landfills virtually full and the cost per tonne increasing dramatically (costs increased 10-fold between 1997 and 2015 to almost £100 per tonne), we have sought a more environmentally friendly, lower-cost approach to managing the city’s residual waste.

We signed contracts with Viridor to build a new Energy from Waste Facility which turns our black bin waste to ash, reducing its weight by around 94% and turns the heat generated by the process into renewable electricity. The facility began treating waste in December 2015.

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