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Free household small items collection

A free small item collection service is provided by Amey. Collection of certain items benefits the environment by recycling items that might otherwise be thrown away and end up in landfill.

Arrange a collection

You can arrange a small item collection by contacting customer services.

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Clothes, paired shoes, bags, belts,
hats, curtains, bed linen and towels
Broken toys
Toys, books, CDs, small household objects,
pictures and paintings
General household waste
Small electrical items: kettles, irons, mixers,
lamps, radios, CD players, hair dryers,
hair straighteners, fans and razors
Glass and ceramics

Items are to be placed in a clear bag. Textiles are to be separated from other items and so presented in separate bags. Please place items outside by 6.45am, where your bins are usually collected from.

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Household bulky waste and electrical goods collection

Only items from list A as listed below are eligible and all list B will still be subject to charge.

Please ensure items are placed out by 6.45am and left where your bins are normally collected from.

Usually there is a charge of £23.50 per collection for items on list A below, this is a one-off charge not per item. Items on list B will be quoted on an individual basis.

List A
£23.50 collection charge for items from the below list:
List B
Items will be quoted on an individual basis:
Beds, bed bases, mattresses and headboards Loose or bagged ceramic tiles
Sofas and armchairs Fish tanks and water tanks
Chest of drawers TV aerials and satellite dishes
Fridges and freezers Rotary washing line
Tables and dressing tables Metal, concrete, builders waste/rubble, soil and paint tins
Washing machines and tumble dryers Laminate flooring
Cookers and microwaves Barbecues
Pushchairs and prams Single garage doors and extension ladders
Hoovers, TV, Hi-Fi stereos and video players Radiators, storage heaters, boilers, and gas cylinders
Garden furniture and garden play equipment Lawnmowers and strimmers
Computers Garden fencesDIY materials, wood, internal/external doors and garden gates
Exercise equipment Wash basins, baths, toilets and sinks
Gas heaters (not cylinders) and electric heaters Sheds and greenhouses (must be dismantled and ready for collection)
Carpet and carpet tiles Kitchen units

We do not collect car parts, asbestos, commercial fridges* or mobility scooters. If an item does not appear on either list you can contact us to ask if the item can be collected and you will be given an individual quote.

To arrange, please call 01733 747474 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm) to pay with your debit or credit card over the phone.

Please note: examples of commercial fridges include large glass fronted beer fridges/bottle coolers, display fridges, ice cream fridges (glass topped ones) and any other large glass fronted fridges. In general, anything that does not look like a domestic household fridge.

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Free alternatives

You can take a wide range of items to the Household Recycling Centre free of charge, or contact a local charity shop to see if they can offer a free collection. Alternatively, you can use Freecycle Peterborough which is a website that allows you to offer items for free to local people within your community for reuse. Reuse schemes reduce the burden on landfill making a positive difference to our environment.

Tesco also offer residents a recycling service on ink cartridges, providing a free postal service whereby residents can earn 125 Clubcard points or donate up to £1.25 for each cartridge recycled. 

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Asbestos in the home

The presence of asbestos in your home does not necessarily create a health risk but risks arise from the breathing in of microscopic asbestos fibres that are released through mishandling, or in areas where it is subject to heavy wear.

Removal and disposal of asbestos

We encourage householders to dispose of all types of asbestos through a licensed contractor as asbestos must be removed and disposed of in a controlled and safe manner.

Small quantities of Cement Bonded Asbestos, arising as a result of your own household maintenance and repairs can be taken to the Household Recycling Centre

  • Asbestos must be contained in bags* provided by the Household Recycling Centre and sealed with tape to avoid the release of asbestos fibres
  • each household is limited to two free bags in a 12 month period. If the total amount of asbestos that you need to dispose of will not fit into two bags, you must contact a licensed contractor for disposal.

If you wish to dispose of asbestos yourself, you must follow the advice and step by step guide given below:

  • collect your free asbestos bags from the Household Recycling Centre
  • plan your work so that the asbestos material is handled as little as possible and wear protective clothing approved for working with asbestos
  • prevent other people from accessing the area of work and if possible work outside
  • damp down the asbestos before disturbing it and do not drill, saw, grind or break up the asbestos
  • if dust is produced, damp it down and sweep it up. Do not hoover the asbestos as this may spread the dust around the area you are working in
  • carefully place the asbestos into the bags provided and seal with tape so as no asbestos dust can escape
  • dispose of any clothing that has come into contact with the asbestos in the same bags as the asbestos waste
  • take the bagged asbestos to the Household Recycling Centre and inform a member of staff of your arrival who will escort you to the asbestos container, which has a letterbox opening of 20cm x 203cm and all waste must fit through this opening.

* To collect your two free bags, you need to provide proof of residency (utility bill or council tax for example). If you are using a van or trailer to transport the asbestos, you will need to apply for a free permit for your vehicle

Please note: due to health and safety implications, staff at the recycling centre will not assist with unloading asbestos from your vehicle or loading into the container. Therefore, you must be able to lift and carry the bagged asbestos yourself.

Other types of asbestos

Asbestos from a non-domestic property cannot be disposed of at the Household Recycling Centre and must be removed and disposed of by a specialist contractor. Visit our Health and Safety webpage for workplace related asbestos guidance. 

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