Holiday Voucher Scheme

Eligible families in Peterborough will be able to receive supermarket vouchers during school holidays. Vouchers will be sent automatically to families eligible for income-based support using school data and information held by the city council. 

The Christmas voucher links will be sent over the weekend of 16 / 17 December:

The Christmas voucher has a value of £30 per child.

If you have previously received these vouchers, you do not need to apply.

Eligibility and how to apply

One supermarket voucher per eligible child for those families meeting the low income criteria for the following support:

  • Free school meals (children and young people aged 4 to 16)
  • Funded childcare for 2-year-olds (children aged 2 with a date of birth between 1 September 2020 and 31 August 2021)
  • Early years pupil premium (children aged 3 and 4 with a date of birth between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2020)

If your child receives Universal Infant Free School Meals (in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) but you do not meet the low income criteria for free school meals, you will not be eligible for a supermarket voucher for the school holidays.

To check if your child may be eligible for free school meals, please visit our free school meals page  (processed by Cambridgeshire County Council) or apply by completing our online application form below.

How to apply

Please apply by completing the online application form.

Eligible families can get the following vouchers during 2023/2024 period

Holiday period Value
Easter 2023 £30
May half term 2023 £10
Summer holidays 2023 £50
October half term 2023 £10
Christmas 2023 / 2024 £30
February half term 2024 £10

Frequently asked questions

If your child is eligible for Free School Meals, Early Years Pupil Premium, Funded 2-year-old support or is 16-19 and eligible for free school meals or the 16+ bursary, you will automatically receive a voucher. 

If you do not want/need your voucher, please do not activate it. Either delete or ignore the email/text you receive, or do not open the link and download the voucher. This way, we can reallocate your voucher to another family in need. Alternatively please email and the voucher will be removed.

You will receive a text or email to choose your supermarket choice for the voucher.

• Text message from 'SchoolMeals'

• Email from ''

Once you have chosen your supermarket, you will receive your voucher by text or email. You can then click the link in the text or email and download your voucher code. You can then use this voucher in your chosen supermarket. You must choose your supermarket before you can receive your voucher. You can also access your voucher via the new EVouchers app.

You must choose your supermarket before you can receive your voucher. Please choose carefully as once you have selected the supermarket; this can’t be changed. You can choose a different supermarket for each voucher you receive.

If you’ve been sent an Evoucher by text message or email, this app will enable you to easily access your existing and new vouchers through your registered account. If you’re new to, you’re also able to register for an account through the app. Any vouchers previously assigned to your email address or mobile number will appear in your account.

If you haven’t received your voucher, but feel you should have received a voucher (for example you have previously), please contact Please include the name of your child / children and the name of the school or early years setting that attend. We will confirm whether you have received a voucher and how to access it. It may take up to 3 days to get a reply.

Most vouchers are received within 30 minutes after the retailer is selected. If the parent selects Morrisons or Asda then the following timings apply:

  • If selected before 1pm, the voucher will be received that evening.
  • If selected after 1pm, the voucher will be received the following working day.

Yes, you can. If your shopping comes to more than the voucher total, you will need to pay the remaining balance using another method (i.e. debit card).

Where can I use my voucher?
Retailer Can the voucher be used online? When does it expire?
Asda Yes 2 years
Morrisons No 1 year
Tesco No 5 years
Aldi No 5 years
Sainsbury's Yes 2 years
Iceland No 1 year
B&M No 1 year
Farmfoods No 2 years
M&S Yes 2 years from last transaction
Waitrose Yes 2 years

Yes, you can.

The restrictions for each supermarket are listed below:

• Asda: Cannot be used in Petrol stations or to purchase tobacco products, stamps, lottery or phone top-ups.

• Morrisons: Cannot be used for gift-card or lottery purchases.

• Aldi: Cannot be used for the purchasing of gift cards, lottery tickets, scratchcards (or related material), alcohol or anything through ALDI’s website.

• Tesco: Cannot be used in petrol stations.

• Sainsbury’s: Cannot be used in petrol stations, pharmacies, branded gift cards, scratch cards, LPG autogas, infant formula, tobacco and related products, BT phone cards, E top-up, savings stamps, postage stamps, National lottery products, online delivery charges, concession coffee shops and restaurants

• Iceland: Cannot be used for alcohol.

• Farmfoods: Cannot be used online.

You will receive a voucher for each child separately.

We recommend you first contact your school or setting if you can’t get your voucher. Alternatively, you can email

£0 Balance queries

If the voucher is showing as a £0 balance, please contact the supermarket using the details below.

Gift-card not working

Check the gift-card has a balance. Often gift-cards do not work because the balance has already been spent. Please ensure the 'Gift-Card' option is selected at a self-checkout. You may also need to remind staff that they are gift-cards and not vouchers.

If you have issues with any of the vouchers please contact the supermarket as they will be able to resolve the issue.


How to check the balance of a voucher

Balances can be checked by calling 03450 757 757

Other queries

For all other enquiries please call 0800 505555


How to check the balance of a voucher

When first accessing the voucher it shows the opening balance, you then need to press ‘check balance’ which show an updated balance.

Other queries

If you have any queries about the voucher card please call 0344 3815042 or email


How to check the balance of a voucher

Balances can be checked by calling 0800 636262

Other queries

Contact Sainsbury’s on 0800 636262


Please use Asda's online balance checker.

Other queries or Phone: 0800 952 0101

Disputing a spent voucher

School/parent will need to contact Asda directly on; 0800 952 0101 and select option 2. Please note: Asda will only respond to Wonde regarding any gift-card queries.

If you require more information about an Asda voucher, please email the gift-card number to and we will forward this to Asda.


You can check the balance of ALDI Digital Gift Card at the checkout in-store.

If you have any queries about the voucher please contact You will need to provide the full voucher code and inform them that the gift-card was purchased by Wonde.


How to check the balance of a voucher

Please follow the instructions on the link below;

Other Queries


How to check the balance of a voucher

You can check the balance of your voucher by going to any Farmfoods checkout. Alternatively, a voucher statement is printed at the bottom of your receipt after each transaction

Other Queries

Please contact them directly using their online contact form


Please use the M&S online balance checker.

Other Queries

Please contact them directly on 0333 014 8000


How to check the balance of a voucher

You can check out your balance at any checkout in store or by calling 0191 607 8281.

Other Queries

If you have any queries about the voucher please contact 0191 607 8281


How to check the balance of a voucher

Please follow the instructions on the link: Check Waitrose balance

If you have any queries about the voucher please contact 0330 123 0350

Further details about other support in your local area can be found at the following link:

Household Support Fund - Peterborough City Council

Further support can also be found here:

Citizens Advice - online free advice to help you find a way forward, whatever the problem.
Making Money Count - offering everyday help with money, being online, finding work and

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