Major road and rail schemes

To accommodate the growth of Peterborough it is important to continue to invest in improvements to our road and other transport networks.

These are the main projects planned and underway around the city.

Werrington Freight Loop Rail Improvements

Funding from the Government is being used to improve capacity and reduce journey times on the East Coast Main Line (ECML). The proposal includes the construction of a rail line between the Stamford lines (to the West of the ECML) and the Great Northern Great Eastern (GNGE) rail lines (to the East of the ECML) to remove the conflict created when freight trains and occasional passenger services trains pass over the high speed East Coast lines. A new two-track railway line under the ECML at Werrington junction will be created to enable high-speed trains to pass over the GNGE Line. To the North of the Cock Lane footbridge, the Stamford Lines will be widened to the west to create four tracks, of which the central two tracks would dive into a new underpass (below the ECML) and rise to meet the GNGE line approximately 600m after Lincoln Road.

For further details or to gain a better understanding of this proposed scheme please visit the Network Rail website. Detailed plans can be also be found on the Network Rail website.

New junction (Bourges Boulevard) 

A new junction is going to be built in Peterborough city centre in order to improve access to the Network Rail car park near Peterborough railway station. 

Construction will begin on 5 February creating ramped access to the car park, a right turn lane and a pedestrian crossing. New car parking spaces and a footpath and verge will also be constructed as part of the project. The work is expected to take 23 weeks to complete. Motorists are to expect disruption during this time.

The project is part of the council's Bourges Boulevard Phase 2 Improvement Scheme and is being funded by the Greater Cambridge, Greater Peterborough LEP. 

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