Major road schemes

To accommodate the growth of the city it is important to continue to invest in improvements to our road and other transport networks.

Below is a summary of the main projects planned and underway around the city.

A47/A15 Junction 20 Dogsthorpe Interchange

Works are continuing to progress well at junction 20 and we are on target for our completion date. 

We shall be switching the traffic management during September and this will return the A47 westbound back up to two lanes. The next phase of the works will restrict the A47 eastbound to one lane and we shall issue updates regularly. We will look to issue press releases warning of the change to the traffic management and any closures will be advertised locally on site.

Traffic restrictions will be kept to a minimum throughout the works to limit disruption. It will, however, be necessary to install temporary lane closures and occasional weekend and night time closures in order for some construction activities to be completed. Prior notification of any closures and diversions will be given. Work is scheduled to be completed in Spring 2017.

Junction 20 Planned Alterations To Traffic Management 

Date From- To (inclusive)  

Area Affected Traffic Management Diversion Route
06/02/17 to 20/02/17  09.30 to 15.30 A15 Northbound (1km each side of the centre of J20) Lane 1 closure None
06/02/17 to 20/02/17  09.30 to 15.30 A15 Southbound (1km each side of the centre of J20) Lane 1 closure None
06/02/17 to 20/02/17  09.30 to 15.30 A47 E/B Lane 1 or lane 2 None
06/02/17 to 20/02/17 A47 W/B Lane 1 or Lane 2


06/02/17 to 20/02/17  24/7 J20 N/B onslip Closure As attached drawing
06/01/17 to 20/02/17 24/7 J20 S/B Offslip Closure As attached drawing
06/02/17 to 20/02/17 09.30 to 15.30 A15 N/B Exit Slip Lane 1 or Lane 2 None
19/12/16 - 30/03/17 J20 N/B onslip  Closure
19/12/16 - 30/03/17 J20 S/B Offslip  Closure
Additional Works
06/02/17 to 23/02/17 20.00 to 06.00 hrs Total Closure of J/20 all approaches Total Closure 19 nights All diversions as previously used.
Extended by 4 days Total Closure A47 E/B at J/17, diversion A15 N/B to Glinton R/about then South to J/8 Fletton Parkway then link road to Hodgson R/about A47
A15 N/B Exit slip to Glinton R/about A15 S/B to J/17 Bourges Boulevard.
A47 W/B Closed at A16 R/about diverted to Hodgson r/about then link road to J/B, A15 N/B to Glinton R/about as per A15 N/B Exit slip diversion
A15 N/B Acoustic fencing 08/02/17  Lane 1 closure between Gunthorpe R/about & Werrington Bridge R/about TM tagged onto J/20 A15 N/B N/A

Lower Bridge Street

The next phase of the works to improve the look and feel of Lower Bridge Street is set to start in January.

Work is programmed to start on Monday 9 January 2017 and is scheduled to last for 13 weeks. One lane of traffic will be closed in both directions either side of the crossing between 9.30am and 3.30pm, Monday to Friday. All lanes will be open at peak times.

Thorpe Road

Work started in February 2016 to deliver a number of improvements to Thorpe Road.

Work includes: 

  • New traffic lights at the junction with Thorpe Lea Road, incorporating a pedestrian crossing across Thorpe Road.
  • Relocation of the bus stop, which will gain a new bus shelter.
  • Improvements to the crossing points at the junction of Thorpe Road and Midland Road.
  • New parking bays on Midland Road.
  • Improvement to traffic signage, street lighting and road markings

The work is due to finish in summer 2016.  For a certain time Thorpe Lea Road and Midland Road will be closed to through traffic. These closures will be communicated to local residents well in advance and diversions will be signposted. At other times lane closures and temporary traffic signals will be in operation on Thorpe Road, but only during off-peak periods. 

Wheel Yard

Wheel Yard is the vehicle access route to Peterborough Cathedral. The work will improve the visual appeal of the approach to the Cathedral Precincts, make deliveries to properties easier and improve pedestrian safety.

The activity will: 

  • Add two raised pedestrian crossing points for safer and easier pedestrian movement.
  • Create wider footways and resurface the carriageway.
  • Install new and improved lighting.
  • Remove three of six closely planted trees outside Peter’s Court to allow better future growth.
  • Install three new street trees and low level planting.
  • Address parking on the highway.
  • Introduce a loading / unloading area for delivery vehicles.

Works began in March 2016 and will be complete in the autumn. 

Bishop's Road

Peak travel periods create congestion at the Rivergate roundabout, partly through vehicles queuing on Bishop’s Road. Further road congestion arises from westbound traffic waiting to turn into the Bishop’s Road car park.

The scheme proposes to: 

  • Relocate the current signal crossing around 65m further East. Most pedestrians using the crossing walk to or from car parks or towards the Regional Pool.
  • Create two eastbound lanes east of the crossing to provide a dedicated right turn lane to the Lido car park.
  • Improved cycling provision – including through Lido Gardens
  • Widen the footway to the north side of the road and designate shared use for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Create an improved crossing point for pedestrians and cyclists at the vehicle entrance to Car Haven Car Park.
  • Install new LED lighting
  • Improve pedestrian footways and crossing points at the Vineyard / Bishops Road / Gravel Walk roundabout. 

Improvements to cycle ways are due to start in summer 2016. Carriageway works will start in early 2017.