Permit Scheme for Street Works

Any activity undertaken in a street has the potential to cause disruption. They can reduce the width of the street available to traffic, pedestrians and other users, causing inconvenience to businesses and local residents. Peterborough City Council introduced the Peterborough Permit Scheme on 1 April 2019

Under a Permit Scheme, those responsible for road and street works will have to apply for permission before they start the work (apart from emergency work where they have to apply for a permit within 2 hours).

Peterborough City Council will grant, refuse or tailor the application; taking into considerations works already in progress and demands on the network. The permit will have a list of specific conditions that the utility companies and their workforce have to adhere to. These may include working hours or the way they control the traffic around the works to benefit the highway users.

The scheme has been developed in compliance with the Department for Transports Guidance and National Condition Text.

For further information please refer to the following documents:

PCC Permit Scheme

Size: 932.29 KB File format: pdf

PCC Permit Scheme Fees Table

Size: 264.86 KB File format: pdf

PCC Copy of Sealed Order

Size: 408.34 KB File format: pdf

PCC Permit Scheme Undertaking

Size: 379.19 KB File format: pdf

Letter of ETON Compliance

Size: 131.01 KB File format: pdf

PCC Permit Scheme Consultation

Size: 955.76 KB File format: pdf

PCC Response to Consultation

Size: 350.86 KB File format: pdf

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