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River Nene Pedestrian Bridge (Cygnet Bridge)

Cygnet Bridge will provide a sustainable travel connection across the River Nene between the Embankment, Fletton Quays and the City Centre.

The bridge will offer pedestrians and cyclists an alternative route across the river, away from the busy main road. It will create a good link from the south of the city to the new university campus.

Project objectives

The objectives for Cygnet Bridge are:

  • Create a new pedestrian crossing over the River Nene
  • Improve pedestrian journey times between Fletton Quays and the Embankment
  • Improve the quality of sustainable travel links between Fletton Quays and the Embankment
  • Improve the riverfront and create landscaped features to enjoy
  • Protect and improve the biodiversity value of the area
  • Assist in creating a walkable, liveable city
  • Reduce pressure on City Centre traffic routes


The Government's Towns Fund has pledged a total of £2million towards the project. The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has ring-fenced this money which means we can only spend it on this project.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority has contributed £3.4million. The remainder will come from our own redevelopment budget.

The project budget is currently estimated to be £6.3m.

Consultation summary and chosen bridge name

Between 15 May and 5 June 2023, we ran a consultation asking for views on the pedestrian bridge, including options for an official name.

As part of this, we published an online survey and carried out several pop-up events at the Nene Park Festival and outside the Town Hall.

In total, we received 566 completed online surveys which provided valuable feedback. We also engaged with approximately 165 people at the public pop-up events.

We held stakeholder group meetings with:

  • Cabinet Members
  • Ward Councillors
  • Peterborough Civic Society
  • Peterborough Cycle Forum
  • Disability Access Group

Feedback received through the online survey

  • 79% of the people who responded supported the bridge
  • 55% of the people who responded said the bridge would encourage them to walk or cycle more
  • 85% of the people who responded supported a new bin / new bins
  • 86% of the people who responded supported a new bench / new benches
  • The name 'Cygnet Bridge' was chosen as the preferred name for the bridge out of five options, with 28% of the vote
  • 62% of the people who responded supported an art project (this would require additional funding)

Next steps

We will incorporate the feedback from the consultation into the final designs for the bridge where possible. We are also exploring options for an art project at the site (subject to funding).

Detailed design phase to be concluded with the Full Business Case and planning application to be submitted in early 2024. A planning application is expected to be submitted in Spring 2024.

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