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Plotting sheets

Accessing Planning Records

2000 onwards

From 2000 onwards planning applications were recorded directly into the Council's electronic database and as such no new plotting sheets were created. To find planning history from 2000 onwards you will need to use the property search option on the Planning and Building Online Register.

1974 - 2000

Records from 1974 - 2000 are also available from the Planning and Building Online Register. However records for this period may not have been fully checked for accuracy in terms of the mapped polygon or property address. Planning Services are currently in the process of working through these records but the scale of this project means that it could be some time before this is complete. Until further notice please treat the plotting sheets as the definitive record.

Planning plotting sheets map
Planning plotting sheets map

Use the map above to identify the area that you would like to view, then click on the folder below to view the plotting sheets for each area.

Plotting Sheets 1974-1993

Plotting Sheets 1994-2000

1948 - 1973

These records are presently not held in a digital format. You can only view these plotting sheets at our offices.

Pre 1948

The modern planning system was created by the Town and Country Planning Act 1947 which came into force on 1 July 1948. Planning Services therefore hold no records prior to this date, if you are researching land use history before this time we recommend that you visit the Peterborough Library.

Hampton Township development

We have uploaded plans detailing the various tranches that make up the Hampton township development to the south of the district.