Peterborough Crematorium

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update:

Attending funerals: A risk-based health and safety assessment, taking into account the size of our chapel, has established that we can now accommodate up to 20 members of the deceased family and friends. This will also apply to burials.

Face coverings should be worn in the crematorium chapel and Fletton Chapel.

Singing, chanting requiring raised voices or playing of instruments that are blown should be specifically avoided. These activities pose an additional risk of infection, even if social distancing is observed and face coverings are worn.

We are now able to take 1 hour booking slots for cremation services. This however could change if the service demand should increase significantly, at which time we may need to revert back to 30 minutes only.

If you require any further information please contact the Bereavement Services office.

Crematorium Grounds/Cemeteries: Open, however please be mindful of keeping at least two metres away from other visitors.

Bereavement Services Office: Closed, although we will take appointments from families to collect cremated remains, however please avoid this if you possibly can.

Waiting Room: Closed, attendees are asked to stay in their cars until the cortege arrives at the crematorium.

Scattering/internment of cremated remains: Please contact the Bereavement Team to make an appointment on 01733 262639. Please note, only 6 people can attend.

Annual carol service: The annual carol service at the crematorium will not be taking place this year.

Updated: 3 September 2020


Peterborough Crematorium was opened in 1958 and is owned and administered by the council. The Crematorium is located in approximately 26 acres of land, much of it left as original ancient woodland.

The trees enhance the tranquil atmosphere of the grounds and because of its origins; during the springtime, we have carpets of bluebells and other wild flowers. There are also a variety of birds and animals that visit the area.

There are a variety of memorials available at the crematorium to choose from as a symbol of remembrance for a loved one. More details can be found on our memorials page.

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Peterborough Crematorium
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Map of Peterborough Crematorium

Opening times

Opening times
Day Office Book of Remembrance Room
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 9am to 5pm
Saturday  9am to 12pm 9am to 12.30pm
Sunday Closed 9am to 12.30pm
Bank holidays Closed 9am to 12.30pm

Please note: When the Book of Remembrance Room is closed, weekends and Bank Holidays, the Books of Remembrance will be turned so that they can be viewed through the windows on the outside of the building. Vases will be available for public use on the outside of the Book of Remembrance Room and the reserved vase facility will still be available.


  • 1 April to 30 September - 9am to 7pm
  • 1 October to 31 March - 9am to 5pm (Except when attending a funeral)

Crematorium fees

Our fees and charges are detailed in the document below. Payment will be required before the day of the funeral and can be paid by cash, debit/credit card or cheque (made payable to Peterborough City Council).

PCC Cemetery and Crematorium fees 202196KBpdf
Size: 96KBFile format: pdf

Privacy Notice

Bereavement Services Privacy Notice302KBpdf
Size: 302KBFile format: pdf

Assistance with funeral costs

If you're on a low income and need help to pay for a funeral you're arranging, you may:

  • be able to get a funeral payment from the social fund
  • be able to get a Bereavement Payment which is a one-off, lump-sum tax-free payment of £2,000 if the deceased is your husband, wife or civil partner
  • be able to claim the Bereavement Payment if your husband, wife or civil partner had paid their National Insurance contributions or their death was caused by their job and were either: under State Pension age when they died or they were entitled to 'Category A state retirement benefit' when they died.

Service standards and awards

We aim to keep the standards at Peterborough Crematorium to a level that provides a place of comfort, tranquillity and quiet reflection. We are very proud to once again have been awarded the Green Flag award

Peterborough Bereavement Services are members of the Charter for the Bereaved and hold the Gold Standard for this service. 

On the rare occasion that you feel that our service has been below standard, please contact us at Peterborough Crematorium by:

Alternatively, you can contact the council's complaints team

Wildlife and nature

The trees enhance the tranquil atmosphere of the grounds and because of its origins, during the springtime, we have carpets of bluebells and other wildflowers. There are also a variety of birds and animals that visit the area.

Unfortunately some of these visitors, along with squirrels, can be less welcome in the formal areas as they will tend to nibble the formal planting and flowers which have been left on memorials. If you are lucky you may also see badger tracks in soft ground after rain.   

It is also worth taking a few moments to stop and listen to the birds who make the woodland their home.  If you are lucky you may even hear a woodpecker as it drills into a tree looking for insects.  There are dedicated display boards in the memorial garden to help illustrate this.

Further information

Various information leaflets can be collected from the Bereavement Services office, or alternatively downloaded from below.

Size: 30KBFile format: pdf
Size: 22KBFile format: pdf
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