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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update:

Register Office: The office is open for pre-booked appointments only. For all other enquiries please call 01733 864646.

Marriages and civil partnership ceremonies:

If you have a ceremony booked you will have been contacted regarding the number of attendees you may be allowed under the Government’s plan for emerging from the current lockdown and roadmap to ease restrictions.

The planned changes are:

​Step 1 (2nd stage): From 29 March – Legal limit of 6 attendees

Step 2: No earlier than 12 April - Legal limit of 15 attendees (see note ** below)

Step 3: No earlier than 17 May - Legal limit of 30 attendees (see note ** below)

Step 4: No earlier than 21 June - No legal limit on attendees (subject to the outcome of the scientific Events Research Programme - from April the government will run pilots for events such as large weddings to help determine how measures such as enhanced testing might allow large groups to attend without social distancing.)

The plan is subject to the four tests outlined in the roadmap being met at each step.

The legal limit of attendees number includes the couple, witnesses and guests, but

those working, such as registration officials and venue managers are not included.

The number of attendees quoted above are the 'legal limits', but Covid 19 safety

measures means that the numbers may be less at certain venues.

Please note: Even after 12 April 2021, the Lawns room at the Register Office will remain restricted to 8 people (the couple, witnesses and guests) until further notice.

Ceremonies are subject to certain restrictions. These restrictions have been put in place in order to ensure social distancing at ceremonies and reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission for those attending. They may affect what can be offered as part of the ceremony.

Please read the following carefully:

We are only able to take new ceremony bookings for dates that are at least 6 months ahead of your enquiry. If you would like to make a new booking please contact us. Alternatively, if you have an existing booking and want to change the date, please get in touch with us.

Birth registrations: You can continue to register the birth of your baby. There may be a longer wait than usual for an appointment and we thank you for your patience.

For more information, please go to the Register a birth page.

Death registrations: These take place over the telephone. You must not come to the Register Office. Please ensure the contact number you give us when making your appointment is correct as this is the number the registrar will phone you on to complete the registration. During the call, the registrar will explain the process for the paperwork.

For more information, please go to the Register a death page.

Notice of marriage/civil partnership appointments: If you have an appointment booked with us then please still attend as these appointments are continuing. We are contacting, in ceremony date order, those couples who need to give their notice of intention.

Citizenship Ceremonies: Small group citizenship ceremonies are being held. To book a place, please contact us on 01733 864646. Guidance on the restrictions applying to citizenship ceremonies can be read online - please read this carefully.

Certificates: Orders can only be taken for certificates from recently registered births and deaths. The priority service is suspended.

EUSS service: This service is not currently being offered.

Updated: 01 April 2021

How to register a birth

If your baby was born in the city of Peterborough the birth must be registered with us within 42 days of the date of the birth. However, due to the current waiting time for appointments, the 42 day requirement has been temporarily suspended until the backlog of birth registrations has been cleared.

Please note: in order to maintain social distancing and reduce the transmission of COVID-19, visitors to the Register Office will need to follow the measures set out in the document below.

It is essential that you read these carefully before coming to your appointment - if you do not follow them, your appointment may not be able to proceed.

COVID-19 - Important information before attending an appointment411KBpdf
Size: 411KBFile format: pdf

Birth registrations are by appointment only. To make an appointment with Peterborough register office to register a birth, you can either call our contact centre on 01733 864646, or you can book online.

Please make sure that you have read the important information regarding attending appointments before you make your booking.

Please do not come to the Register Office if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19), or you have recently been in contact with anyone who has symptoms, or you are otherwise self-isolating.

Please note: if you do not speak or understand English well, please bring someone who can assist you. If you are not married and one of you does not speak English then you cannot answer or interpret for your partner - you will need to bring a third person along to help. 

Who can register

  • If, as baby's natural parents, you are married to each other then either of you can register the baby
  • If, as baby's natural parents, you are not married to each other, baby's mother must attend to register the baby. If both parents wish to be named on the register, then both of you must attend together
  • if father’s details are not entered in the register at the time of the registration, there is a procedure for requesting they are added at a later date if you wish
  • certain rules apply when registering a baby for same-sex couples which are available on GOV.UK website
  • you do not need to bring the baby to the appointment.

How it works

Your private interview with the registrar will take approximately half an hour and you will need to bring:

  • paperwork from the hospital/midwife showing your baby's NHS number or baby's red book
  • photo ID for baby's natural parents.

You will be asked:

  • date and place of your baby's birth (also the time if you are registering twins, triplets etc.)
  • forename, surname and sex of your baby 
  • your names and any previous names used before/since baby's birth
  • your dates and places of birth
  • your current/most recent occupations
  • your addresses on the day you are registering and baby's mother's address on the day baby was born
  • baby's mother's maiden name
  • date of your marriage, if applicable
  • number of previous children.

You will be given the opportunity to check that the information is correct and you will be asked to sign the register to state that you agree with the information as recorded. Once signed, the register entry becomes a legal document and therefore it is an offence to give false information. 

Any mistakes noticed after you have signed the register will require a lengthy correction process which may delay the corrected certificate being issued. See the paragraph below for how to correct a registration and the fees that will be charged.

Please note: If it is not possible for you to register at Peterborough register office then you may visit any other register office in England or Wales to sign a legal declaration, however using this procedure will cause a delay in the issue of the birth certificate.


At the appointment to register the birth you will be able to buy as many birth certificates as you need. They will cost £11 each and you will be able to pay by cash or card. If you need to apply for further certificates after attending your appointment, please go to our certificates page.

Special circumstances

If you are not a married couple and you are unable to visit the register office together, it may be possible to complete a statutory declaration of parentage. This form needs to be witnessed by a solicitor. The statutory declaration form must then be produced to the registrar at the time of the appointment. Please contact us for further information should you be in this situation.


If, as natural parents, you marry after your baby has been born, then you must have the birth re-registered so that the record shows the legal status of your child.

It is also possible to re-register if you wish to add the natural father's details, if they were not included at the initial registration and you have not married since.

Application forms are available to download online from website:

You will need to complete the form at home and then call us on 01733 864646 to let us know you are ready for an appointment to re-register. One of our registrars will call you back to book a mutually acceptable date and time.

For further help please call the register office on 01733 864646.


After the birth has been registered, if you need to make any corrections please contact us. The process for correction is lengthy and may need to be authorised by the Registrar General which will add to the delay in the corrected certificate being issued. You may also be required to make a statutory declaration.

There are fees payable for the consideration of the correction and for any corrected certificates requested. The following national fees apply:

  • Corrections which we are able to authorise locally: £75.00
  • Corrections which we need to refer to the Registrar General: £90.00

In addition, you will also need to pay again for any certificates you require with the corrected information and, if it is required by the Registrar General, you may also need to pay for a statutory declaration.

For more information, please visit the website.