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Broadway Cemetery - temporary closure for maintenance - 16 and 17 July

Please note we are temporarily closing Broadway Cemetery on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 July 2024 for maintenance work. We apologise for any inconvenience.

We are responsible for five cemeteries in Peterborough which are open:

  • 1 April to 30 September between 9am and 6pm
  • 1 October to 31 March between 9am and 4pm
Cemeteries in Peterborough



Broadway Cemetery

This cemetery is closed to new burials. It has been a county wildlife site since 1990 and contains approximately 150 species of flowers and plants. It is located on Broadway, PE1 4DD, near Granville Street. 

Eastfield Cemetery

Eastfield Cemetery was opened in 1919 and offers the facility of standard earthen burials, brick lined graves, cremated remains plots, and vaults.

Fletton Cemetery

Opened in 1893 and offers the facility of standard earthen burials, green burials, mausoleums, vaults and cremated remains plots.

Stanground Cemetery

Stanground Cemetery is adjacent to Stanground Fire Station. It opened in 1890, has limited grave availability for those residents who have family already buried here.

Woodston Cemetery

Woodston Cemetery opened in 1882 and is closed for new burials.

If you wish to discuss any information within this page, please contact bereavement services by calling customer services on 01733 262639 or email

Arranging a burial

The choice of cremation or burial is ultimately decided by the person responsible for arranging the funeral. It may be that the deceased has already expressed their wishes in the form of a will or a funeral plan, which may influence the decision. Cultural requirements may also be a factor when deciding on the type of funeral.

Purchasing a grave does not mean you own the plot of land. When purchasing the rights to a grave, you are purchasing the lease for a specified period and the exclusive right to choose who can be buried in the grave during that period.

The law stipulates that graves cannot be sold for more than 100 years and the council cannot go against that law.

However, the law does allow grant of rights to be extended and you can purchase additional five-year blocks. In this manner the grave can stay in the family for as long as they wish, though rights will never be issued for more than 60 years at any one time.

You (or your family) can renew the right either at the end of the current period, or at any time during the period provided at least 5 years of the lease have expired.

Using a Funeral Director

The family or executor may choose and instruct a funeral director to make the funeral arrangements. The funeral director will book the date and time with the crematorium and will complete the forms required. All funeral arrangements will be discussed between you and the funeral director.

Funeral Director List 2023110KBpdf
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Family arranged funerals

We recognise the right to organise a funeral without the use of a funeral director. Further in formation is available on the family arranged funerals page

Cemetery fees and charges

Our fees and charges are detailed in the document to the right-hand side of this page. Payment will be required before the day of the funeral and can be paid by cash, debit/credit card or cheque (made payable to Peterborough City Council).  

Help with funeral costs

If you're on a low income and need help to pay for a funeral you're arranging, you may be able to get a Funeral Payment from the Social Fund. You might have to repay some or all of it from the estate of the person who died. 

Further information about help with funeral costs is available from GOV.UK.

Paperwork required for a burial

Once the booking has been made, a set of paperwork must be completed as soon as possible. It is important that the required forms are completed accurately to ensure that the funeral can go ahead. 

Notice of burial

  • New grave - If the burial is to take place in a new grave, the next of kin or executor will need to sign the Notice of Burial.  The name and address of the person who signs the form will be the person who will own the exclusive right of burial lease to the grave and will have their name on the Grave Deed. 
  • Un-purchased grave - If the burial is to take place in an un-purchased grave, the next of kin or executor will be required to sign the Notice of Burial.
  • Previously purchased grave - If the burial is to take place in a previously purchased grave, the grave owner will be required to complete and sign the Notice of Burial. If the grave owner is deceased and is to be buried in the grave, the next of kin or executor will be required to complete and sign the form. If the grave owner is not contactable, or is deceased and not to be buried in the grave, a transfer of ownership of the Exclusive Right of Burial may be required.  

Registrars Certificate of Burial

This will be required at all times except when the Coroner's Order for Burial is issued.  You will need to visit the Register Office in the district where the deceased died.  The Registrar will issue a Certificate of Burial which should be passed to the Bereavement Services office as soon as possible

Certificate of Cremation

This will be required if cremated remains are to be buried in a cemetery or scattered at a crematorium. This is issued by the crematorium where the cremation took place. 

Exclusive Right of Burial Deed

In the case of pre-purchased graves, please forward the Exclusive Right of Burial deed to the Bereavement Services office.

Cemetery grounds maintenance

Whilst Bereavement Services are responsible for maintaining the cemetery in a safe condition, you have a responsibility to maintain your memorial in a safe condition throughout the period of the Right to Erect and Maintain a Memorial.

The owner of the Right, to erect the memorial, is responsible for repair of the memorial, even if it becomes damaged through vandalism, and we recommend that you ask your memorial mason about memorial insurance. If you fail to keep the memorial in a safe condition, the cemetery staff may take action to make the memorial safe.

Cemetery staff carry out routine inspections of memorials in the cemetery and when one is identified as being unstable and likely to fall, it may be cordoned off or have a temporary support installed. You will receive a letter in these circumstances and it will be your responsibility to arrange suitable repair. Should you ignore the notice sent to you, the memorial may be laid flat and when the grant expires you will not be able to renew it until the memorial has been repaired.

Memorials in need of permanent repair

Following recent memorial inspections at the City’s cemeteries, several memorials (see right) have been found to be in an unsafe condition. The memorials have been made safe but now require the registered grave owners to arrange a permanent repair. 

We seek to achieve the following maintenance standards, if you believe that these standards are not being met, please let us know by contacting 01733 262639 or email

Grassed areas

  • Grass cutting and strimming carried out approximately 8 times per year. 
  • Grass cutting is only carried out during the growing seasons, normally from the start of April until the end of October.
  • In periods of extreme wet weather, which may prolong the cutting process, the cutting frequency may be extended.
  • Where spring bulbs have been planted in grass areas, the grass immediately surrounding the bulbs will be cut only when the bulbs have finished flowering and have died back sufficiently.
  • This is to ensure the bulbs will flower the following year.
    Main driveways will be swept once a month.
  • Leaf clearance will commence at the end of October and be completed by February.
  • Christmas wreaths and associated items will be removed from the grounds commencing after twelfth night (6th Jan).

Topping up of graves

  • Graves will be checked monthly and topped up as required, especially after periods of heavy rainfall.
  • If you have a grave that urgently requires topping up please let us know by contacting 01733 262639 or email

All the above standards depend on weather conditions allowing the work to be carried out.