EU Settlement Scheme


If you are an EU, EEA or Swiss national, you and your family will be able to apply for settlement under the EU Settlement Scheme in order to continue living in the UK after 30 June 2021. You must have started living in the UK by 31 December 2020, and the deadline for applying for settlement will be 30 June 2021. For more information on settlement, please visit the Home Office website.

As part of a settlement application, applicants will need to provide the Home Office with evidence of their identity. One way to do this is to send a scan of an acceptable identity document to the Home Office using a smartphone app. Currently this app is only available on Android phones.

Help with verifying and scanning your identity document

Peterborough City Council is offering a service to help people use this app. We can verify and scan your identity document to the Home Office if you do not have access to an Android device with near field communication, or if you would just like some help with this part of the application process.

If you wish to use our service, you will need to do this before you make your application for settlement.

Once your identity document has been successfully verified and scanned, the Home Office will email you with details of how to continue with your settlement application. In most cases, you will not need to send your identity document to the Home Office.

Who can use the service?

Our service is available to:

  • EU citizens with a valid EU passport
  • Non-EU family members of EU citizens, with a valid biometric residence card issued by the UK authorities

At the moment, we cannot accept other types of ID document as part of this service. If you wish to use another type of document, please visit the Home Office website.

Please note: We can only verify and scan your ID document - we cannot help with or advise on any other part of your settlement application.

Using the service

The ID scanning service is by appointment only – please contact us on 01733 864646 to make a booking. Appointments are held at the Peterborough Register Office.

The fee for our service is £14 for each person applying for settlement. Payment is taken at the start of the appointment, by card or cash. The appointment will last for approximately 15 minutes per applicant.

Please note: Do not apply for settlement until after your appointment. You cannot use our service if you have applied for settlement before your appointment.

You are not obliged to use this service – you can use another person’s Android device, or send your ID document to the Home Office yourself.

In some cases, the Home Office may ask you to attend a further appointment or to send them your ID document so that a decision can be made on your application.

What to bring to your appointment

If you are:

  • An EU national, please bring a valid EU passport
  • A non-EU family member of an EU citizen, please bring a valid biometric card issued by the UK authorities

Please note: In all cases, please bring a charged mobile phone that can receive text messages and emails. 

The Home Office will send you a text message during the appointment which you will need in order to complete your appointment.

If you do not bring the required items to your appointment, or arrive late, you will need to book a new appointment.

Processing Request