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To provide late-night refreshment and regulated entertainment, and sell alcohol, you need a licence from us if you are in the Peterborough area. Under new measures brought in as part of the Immigration Act 2016, immigration checks will be part of the process for applying for a licence.

A premises or personal licence will not be issued to anyone who does not have permission to be or work in the UK.

Recently legislation changes have made it an offence for licensee's to purchase alcohol for onward sale or supply from an unapproved UK wholesaler. Please check that the wholesaler is approved on GOV.UK.

Make annual payment for a premises licence

If you have received a renewal letter and an invoice, you can make an annual payment for a premises licence using your invoice number as a reference.

Apply for a premises licence

Application for a premises licence
Size: 775KBFile format: pdf

Apply to vary a premises licence

Application to vary a Premises Licence
Size: 645KBFile format: pdf

Apply to vary a premises licence to specify an individual as designated premises supervisor

Application to vary a Designated Premise Supervisor
Size: 216KBFile format: pdf
Consent of Individual to being Specified as Premise Supervisor
Size: 173KBFile format: pdf

Apply to transfer premises licence

Application to transfer a Premises Licence
Size: 398KBFile format: pdf
Consent to transfer
Size: 158KBFile format: pdf

Apply for a minor variation to a premises or club licence

Application for a Minor Variation to a Premises Licence
Size: 377KBFile format: pdf

Request to be removed as Designated Premises Supervisor

Designated Premises Supervisor removal form
Size: 92KBFile format: pdf

Apply for need for a Designated Premises Supervisor to be disapplied

Application for mandatory alcohol conditions to be disapplied
Size: 294KBFile format: pdf

Notification of change of name or address

Change of Address
Size: 105KBFile format: pdf

Notification of an interest in premises under section 178

Notification of Interest
Size: 258KBFile format: pdf

Interim authority notice

Interim Authority Notice
Size: 428KBFile format: pdf

Provisional statement

Application for a Provisional Statement
Size: 681KBFile format: pdf

Further information regarding premise licenses

An operating schedule, a plan of the premises and a form of consent from the premises supervisor (for applications where the sale of alcohol will be a licensable activity). An operating schedule will include details of:

  • the licensable activities
  • the times when the activities will take place
  • any other times when the premises will be open to the public
  • in the case of applicants who wish to have a limited licence, the period the licence is required for
  • information in respect of the premises supervisor
  • whether any alcohol that is to be sold is for consumption on or of the premises or both
  • the steps proposed to be taken to promote the licensing objectives
  • any other required information


New and variation applications

  1. The fee payable for new and variation applications is based on the rateable value (bands A to E) of the premises
  2. Each band attracts a different level of annual fee - payable one year after the grant of the licence
Rateable Value Band (1) New / Variation Fee (2) Annual Maintenance Fee
No Rateable Value to £4,300 A £100 £70
£4,301 to £33,000 B £190 £180
£33,001 to £87,000 C £315 £295
£87,001 to £125,000 D £450 £320
£125,001 and above E £635 £350

Application for Minor Variation to a Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate = £89

3. A multiplier is applied to premises in bands D and E (Club Premises Certificates will not be subject to these multipliers) where there are exclusively or primarily in the business of supplying alcohol for consumption on the premises (mainly large town / city centre pubs).

Band D (x2) E (x2)
Application fee £900 £1,905
Annual fee £640 £1,050

Large venues

Where the maximum number of persons allowed on the premises at the same time is 5,000 or more, the application must be accompanied by an additional fee and an additional annual fee will be payable.

Number in attendance at any one time Additional application fee Additional annual fee
5,000 to 9,999 £1,000 £500
10,000 to 14,999 £2,000 £1,000
15,000 to 19,999 £4,000 £2,000
20,000 to 29,999 £8,000 £4,000
30,000 to 39,999 £16,000 £8,000
40,000 to 49,999 £24,000 £12,000
50,000 to 59,999 £32,000 £16,000
60,000 to 69,999 £40,000 £20,000
70,000 to 79,999 £48,000 £24,000
80,000 to 89,999 £56,000 £28,000
90,000 and over £64,000 £32,000


Applications for Premises Licences which relate to the provision of regulated entertainment only, are exempt from paying fees where:

(1) the application is by a proprietor of an educational institution in respect of premises that are or form part of an educational establishment:

(a) the establishment is a school or college;

(b) the provision of regulated entertainment on the premises is carried on by the establishment for and on behalf of that establishment; or

(2) the application is in respect of premises that are or form part of a Church Hall, Chapel Hall or similar building or a Village Hall, Parish Hall or other similar building.

Additionally, no annual fee is payable under the above exemption

Other licences and charges

Personal Licences, Temporary Event and Other Fee
Application for a Grant or Renewal of Personal Licence £37.00
Temporary Event Notice £21.00
Theft, Loss etc of Premise Licence or Summary £10.50
Application for a Provisional Statement Where Premises Being Built etc £315.00
Notification of Change of Name or Address £10.50
Application to Vary Licence to Specify Individual As Designated Premises Supervisor £23.00
Application for Mandatory Alcohol Condition Requiring a Designated Premises Supervisor to be Disapplied £23.00
Application for Transfer of Premises Licence £23.00
Interim Authority Notice Following Death etc of Licence Holder £23.00
Theft, Loss etc of Certificate or Summary £10.50
Theft, Loss etc of Temporary Event Notice £10.50
Theft, Loss etc of Personal Licence £10.50
Right of Freeholder etc to be Notified of Licensing Matters £21.00

Qualifying criteria

Any of the following may apply for a premises licence:

  • anyone who carries on a business in the premises to which the application relates
  • a recognised club
  • a charity
  • a health service body
  • a person who is registered under the care standards act 2000 in relation to an independent hospital
  • a chief police officer of a force in England and Wales
  • anyone discharging a statutory or function under Her Majesty's prerogative
  • a person from an educational institute
  • any other permitted person

Applicants must be 18 years of age.

Yes. Legislation states that the council must grant all applications unless it receives relevant representations. Where representations are received you will be notified by us and it may be necessary for the application to be determined by the Licensing Committee. If you have not heard from us within 7 days of the consultation period ending you may assume the application to be deemed granted. Depending on the type of application the consultation period will be 14 or 28 day's. 

Failed Application Redress

Please contact us in the first instance. If an application for a licence is refused the failed applicant can appeal. Appeals are made to a Magistrates' court within 21 days of notice of the decision.

Licence holder redress

  • If an application is made by the chief police officer, as detailed below, and interim steps are taken by the licensing authority you may make representations. A hearing must be held within 48 hours of your representations.
  • A licence holder may appeal against any conditions attached to a licence, a decision to reject a variation application, a decision to reject a transfer application or a decision to exclude an activity or person as premises supervisor.
  • Appeals are made to a Magistrates' court within 21 days of notice of the decision.

Consumer complaint

  • we would always advise that in the event of a complaint, the first contact is made with the trader by you - preferably in the form a letter (with proof of delivery)
  • if that has not worked and you are located in the UK, Consumer Direct can give you advice
  • from outside the UK, contact the UK European Consumer Centre

Other redress

The chief police officer for the police area where the premises are located can apply to us for a review of the licence if the premises are licensed to sell alcohol by retail and a senior officer has given a certificate that they are of the opinion that the premises are associated with either serious crime or disorder or both. A hearing will be held and the licence holder and other interested parties may make representations.

A chief police officer can give a notice to us if they believe that the transfer of a licence to another, under a variation application could undermine crime prevention objectives. Such a notice must be given within 14 days of receiving notification of the application.

An interested party or responsible body may make representations in relation to a licence application or request we review a licence.

An interested party or responsible authority may apply to us to review the premises licence. A hearing will be held by us.

A chief police officer may make representations to us for a review of the licence if the premises are licensed to sell alcohol by retail and a senior member of the force has given a certificate to state that in their opinion the premises are associated with serious crime, disorder or both.

An interested party or relevant authority who made relevant representations may appeal against the granting of a licence or against any condition, variation, and licensable activity or premises supervisor decisions.

Appeals are made to a Magistrates' court within 21 days of notice of the decision.

Contact us

If you require further information or guidance, please contact our licensing team by calling 01733 453491 or by email at