Houses in multiple occupation licence

Certain Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) require a licence. Applications can be accepted on the HMO Licence Application form, accompanied be the correct fee, which must be completed in full. Any section not completed or required document not submitted will result in the determination of the licence being delayed, and could lead to the refusal to issue a licence. 

Application for a HMO licence

To apply for a HMO licence you will need to complete the relevant application form and pay the fee online

House in multiple occupation licence application form

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Important notes on the completion of the application 

Any delays in submitting a full application could result in the HMO being considered to be operating without a licence and could leave the persons in control vulnerable to enforcement action. Payment of the fee in respect of applications is part of the application and an application is not considered to have been made until the fee is paid. There is no provision to pay the fee by instalments.

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Qualifying criteria

The basic criteria for a house (or part of it) to be considered to be a house in multiple occupation is that:

  • it consists of one or more living units that are not self contained flats
  • the people living in it do not form a single household
  • it is their only or main residence
  • rent or similar is paid by at least one occupier
  • two or more of the households share at least one of the basic amenities.

For the purposes of a Mandatory Licence, the following criteria apply:

  • it must be at least three storeys high (basements and/or attics count as storeys if they have living accommodation in them)
  • there must be at least five people occupying the building
  • the occupants must form at least two households.

For all other HMOs required to be licensed, the following criteria apply:

  • there must be at least three people occupying the building
  • the occupants must form at least two households (resident landlords and their immediate families do not count)
  • it must consist of at least two storeys
  • it must fall within the designated area for HMO Additional licensing.

Type of licence

Please indicate the type of house for which the application is being made:

  • House in multiple occupation - This refers to all types of building used for living accommodation where some or all of the facilities and amenities are shared. This includes shared houses and bed-sits.
  • Flat in multiple occupation - This refers to a flat within a block of flats, (whether or not the block was purpose built or a converted building) where the occupants of the flat are not one household, but share facilities.
  • House converted into self contained flats - This refers to buildings converted into self contained flats before 1992, where the relevant regulations at the time were not complied with or the conversion was poorly carried out. (This is a summary of section 257)
  • Other - This includes hostels, refuges and any building which the local housing authority has declared to be a HMO because all or part of the building falls within the definition of a HMO.

Our response

It is our aim to issue or refuse a licence within eight weeks of the proper and full application being made. If there are delays in providing information or documents to the council when requested, this may delay the determination of the application. A licence cannot be deemed to have been issued or revoked if the determination is not made within this time.

Your application will be acknowledged upon receipt by the Housing Enforcement Officer. 

Processing Request