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If you offer tattooing, semi-permanent skin colouring, cosmetic piercing, electrolysis, or acupuncture, these are regulated by the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 and you must be registered with us. If you carry out acupuncture you will also require a personal licence issued by us.

A premises where any of the above functions are carried out must be registered. Once registered, a certificate of registration will be issued. Registration will include the names of the the people working at the premises so it is important that we are notified of any changes.

Qualifying criteria

You must provide specific information, including details of your premises and any previous convictions for practicing without a licence in this field.

Tacit consent does not apply. It is in the public interest that we must process your registration before it can be approved. If you have not heard from us within 28 days, please contact us. 


Please contact us in the first instance. If a registration is suspended or cancelled the registration holder may appeal to the county court.

If you have any issues regarding a premises or a practitioner or possible non compliance with regulations, or if one practitioner wishes to complain about another, please contact us for help and advice.

Apply for a tattooing, piercing or electrolysis licence

Please apply using the application form below.

Once a valid application has been submitted an officer will visit the premises in order to make the necessary observations to decide if the premises and the person carrying out the activity are compliant with the criteria set out in the legislation and conditions adopted by us.

Registered tattooists

Premise name Address Owner Treatments Registered persons
Arturas Sceponavicius 23 Dogsthorpe Road P'boro PE1 3AD Arturas Sceponavicius Tattooing only Arturas Sceponavicius
City Ink Tattoos Unit 61 P'boro Workspace 28/29 Maxwell Rd P'boro PE2 7JE Tattooing only Lee Paul Woolner
Cloud Nine Ink 146 Aldermans Drive West Town P'boro PE3 6BB Ian Bates (Ziggy) Tattoo/Piercing Ian (Ziggy) Bates
Diesel City Ink
Unit 31 Benedict Square Werrington P'boro PE4 6GD
Daniel Crowe
Tattooing only
Daniel Crowe
Steven Matthew Crowe
Ronan Foster Delany
Marceli Tomasz Andula
Eastern Ink Unit 7 Cresset Centre Bretton P'boro PE3 8DX John Russell Tattoo/Piercing John Russell
Electric Workshop
37 Westgate P'boro PE1 1PZ
Leigh Tillbrook
Tattoo/Piercing Electrolysis
Leigh Tilbrook
Lucie Auker
Keith Shaw
Alex James Balding
Lukasz Krzysztof Andrzeje
Ryan Walter Antonelli
Callum Antonelli
Ben Abrahams
Ashley Hickman
Owen Paulls
Jordan Kirk
English Rose
32c Lincoln Road P'boro PE1 2RL
Mr C A Burton
Carl Antony Burton
Daniel Wheeler
Adam Peeling
Callum Laird
Glenn Meade
Coral Tomlinson
Enigma Ink 268a Lincoln Road P'boro PE1 2ND Tattooing only Jan Lukac
Fresh Ink Custom Tattoons *See below Aaron Cooper Tattooing only Aaron Cooper
Fused Ground Floor 30 North St P'boro PE1 2RA Ellena Seymour Tattoo/Piercing Ellena Seymour
Get Inked
43c Belsize Ave Woodston P'boro PE2 9HZ
Mark Benwell
Mark Benwell
Ryan Armstrong
Steven Tweedie
Human Canvas
4 Queen St P'boro PE1 1PA
Adam Clark
Adam Clark
Bryn Holman
Kayleigh Hughes
Avalon Behan
Hypnosis Tattoo
543 Lincoln Road P'boro PE1 2PB
Sebastion Uraczyncow
Sebastion Uraczyncow
Bartek Ziarniecki
Krzystof Rybila
Ink Island
23 Orton Enterprise Centre Bakewell Rd P'boro PE2 6XU
Jurgis Mikalauskas
Tattooing only
Jurgis Mikalauskas
Daniel Ribero
Jubilee - Tattoos by Dava 25 Hereward Cross Cattle Market Road P'boro PE1 1TE Simon David Leak Tattoo/Piercing Electrolysis Simon David Leak
Kustom & Klassic 8 Westgate P'boro PE1 1RA Tattooing only Kevin Keen
Lost Time
9 Wentworth Street P'boro PE1 1DH
Dan Hayes
Dan Hayes
Shaun Phillips
Shaun Hubbard
Ollie Ankins
Jason Rivers
Danny Charles
Alex Whiley
Rosie Graver
Craig Robinson
Lotus Tattoo Studio 85 Fane Road Walton P'boro PE4 6ER Jon Pinning Tattoo/Piercing Electrolysis Jon Pinning
Magic Tattoo
50b Cowgate P'boro PE1 1NA
Maciej Siwy
Tattooing only
Maciej Siwy
Shaun Phillips
David Horspool
MMaxcaTT Tattoos
90 Bringhurst Orton Goldhay P'boro PE2 5RT
Robert Watts
Tattooing only
Robert Watts
Andrew Bowes?
Organic Ink
1215 Bourges Boulevard P'boro PE1 2AU
Tattooing only
Christopher Melnyk
Tom Yaxley
Pulse Red
11 Westgate Arcade Westgate P'boro PE11PY
Helen Spence
Tattoo/Piercing Electrolysis
Helen Spence
Charlotte Miller
Darren Macer
Shannon Elvin
Alana O'Donnell
James Walker
Robert Rokita
Juliana Almeida
Natasha Pollard
Rites and Rituals
60 South View Road Walton P'boro PE4 6AG
Roger Price
Roger Price
Todd Brewer
Trudie Coultas
Amelia Bromfield
Sacred Black Tattoo
15 Hampton Court Westwood P'boro PE3 7JB
Rafal Jerzy Wolkowicz
Rafal Jerzy Wolkowicz
Gareth Watson
Jason Sinclair
Sebastion Uraczyncow
Karolina Ruchlewicz
Matthew James
Sangoma Ink 2c Church Street Stanground, P'boro PE2 8HE Gareth Blake Tattooing only Gareth Blake
So True Tattoo
Bank Chambers 41 Long Causeway P'boro PE1 1YJ
Tattooing only
Shaun Hubbard
Megan Fell
The Inkwell 8 Grove Street P'boro PE2 9AG Tattooing only Ryan MacGregor
Tribal Tattoo *See below Steven Stewart Tattooing only Steven Stewart

*Practice from a residential address, contact for details.

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Registered cosmetic tattooists

Premise name Address Owner Treatments Registered persons
Alluring *See below Jayne Whitewood Semi Perm Makeup Jayne Whitewood
Apollo Hair & Beauty 27 Winslow Rd Netherton P'boro PE3 9RE Charlotte LePore Semi Perm/Microblading Charlotte LePore
Atene 133 Lincoln Rd P'boro PE1 2PW Viktorija Panceroviene Perm Makeup/Tattoo/Pierce Viktorija Panceroviene
Beauty Within 154 Aldermans Drive West Town P'boro Harinder Manku Microblading Harinder Manku
Booty Room 1260 Lincoln Rd P'boro RE4 6LQ Lisa Inglis Microblading Lisa Inglis
Caroline Briston *See below Caroline Briston Micropigmentation Caroline Briston
Donna Meade *See below Semi Perm/Microblading Donna Meade
Eden Hair Studio 27a Oakleigh Drive Orton Longueville P'boro PE2 7BG Mrs Ellie V Farrell Microblading Mrs Ellie V Farrell
Ego Visage Unit 38 Aston Business Park Shrewsbury Ave P'boro PE2 7BF Janette Rickman Perm Makeup/Microblading Janette Rickman
Elanores Beauty 74 Central Avenue Dogsthorpe P'boro PE1 4LH Microblading Elanore Howard
Estetiq Art & Nefrete
283 Lincoln Rd P'boro PE1 2PH
Marta Kochanowicz
Semi Perm/Microblading
Marta Kochanowicz
Zuzanna Strzelecka
Faye Wilson *See below Faye Wilson Micropigmentation Faye Wilson
Finishing Touches by Krissma 44 Sunnymead Werrington P'boro PE4 5BY Semi Perm Makeup Krissma Lesley Coleman
Glamour 37 Broadway P'boro PE1 1SQ Sylwia Pietralska Microblading Sylwia Pietralska
Go Permanent 29 Oundle Rd Woodston P'boro PE2 9PB Umaporn Kemthong Semi Perm Makeup Umaporn Kemthong
Golden Clinic 60 St Marks St P'boro PE1 2EZ Agata Pankowiak Microblading/Mesotherapy Agata Pankowiak
Ink Island 23 Orton Enterprise Centre Bakewell Rd P'boro PE2 6XU Sandra Mikalauskiene Semi Perm Makeup Sandra Mikalauskiene
Lash & Brow Artist *See below Semi Perm/Microblading Priya Dhanecha
Naturelle Nails & Beauty 42 School Rd Newborough P'boro PE6 7RG Joanne Gavaghan Semi Perm Makeup Joanne Gavaghan
Pampertime *See below Mandy Hojbjerg Tattooing/Perm Makeup Mandy Hojbjerg
Paulines Home of Beauty *See below Pauline Howe Tattooing/EP/Electrolysis Pauline Howe
Pretty in Pink 4 Laws Close Milking Nook P'boro PE6 7PS Louise Bonnaud Permanent Makeup Louise Bonnaud
Relax Laxton House 191 Lincoln Rd P'boro PE1 2PN Olga Zilinskiene Semi Perm Makeup Olga Zilinskiene

*Practice from a residential address, contact for details.

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Tattoo advice

It is against the law to tattoo a person under the age of 18 even with parental consent.

It is also against the law for any tattoo artist or business to operate in the borough without first being registered with the council.

Have you had a tattoo by an unregistered tattooist?

A registered tattooist knows what to do to avoid spreading infection, but if you have ever had a tattoo done by a friend, or an unregistered tattooist, you might have picked up a potentially serious infection.

Unregistered tattooists, or Scratchers, have not been licensed or inspected by the Local Authority and often have poor cleaning standards and poor infection controls. Anyone who has had a tattoo from unregistered tattooists could be at risk of a number of blood borne infections. Infections like hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV often have no symptoms until they have been present for many years, but can be treated if they are picked up early.

If you think you might be at risk you can go to a sexual health clinic or to your GP to talk about getting a blood test.

More information about these infections is available from:

To discuss testing contact iCaSH Peterborough or visit your GP.

If you have concerns about a possible unregistered tattooist please contact customer services or email

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