Tattooist, piercing or cosmetic registration

If you offer tattooing, semi-permanent skin colouring, cosmetic piercing, electrolysis, or acupuncture, these are regulated by the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 and you must be registered with us. If you carry out acupuncture you will also require a personal licence issued by us.

A premises where any of the above functions are carried out must be registered. Once registered, a certificate of registration will be issued. Registration will include the names of the the people working at the premises so it is important that we are notified of any changes.

Apply for a tattooing, piercing or electrolysis licence

Please apply using the application form below.

Once a valid application has been submitted an officer will visit the premises in order to make the necessary observations to decide if the premises and the person carrying out the activity are compliant with the criteria set out in the legislation and conditions adopted by us.

Qualifying criteria

You must provide specific information, including details of your premises and any previous convictions for practicing without a licence in this field.

Will tacit consent apply?

No. It is in the public interest that we must process your registration before it can be approved. If you have not heard from us within 28 days, please contact us. 


Please contact us in the first instance. If a registration is suspended or cancelled the registration holder may appeal to the county court.

If you have any issues regarding a premises or a practitioner or possible non compliance with regulations, or if one practitioner wishes to complain about another, please contact us for help and advice.

Registered tattooists

Premises Name Address
Arturas Sceponaviius

23 Dogsthorpe Rd, PE1 3AD

Cloud Nine Ink 146 Aldermans Drive, West Town,
Peterborough, PE3 6BB
Diesel City Ink Unit 31 Benedict Square,
Werrington, Peterborough
Eastern Ink Unit 7 Cresset Centre, Rightwell West,
Bretton, Peterborough, PE3 8DX 
Electric Workshop Tattoo 37 Westgate,
Peterborough, PE1 1PZ
English Rose 32c Lincoln Road,
Peterborough, PE1 2RL
Fresh Ink Custom Tattoons 16b, Circus Grove, Dogsthorpe,
Peterborough, PE1 3X
Fused Piercing Studio Ground Floor, 30 North Street,
Peterborough, PE1 3DA
Get Inked 43c Belsize Avenue, Woodston,
Peterborough, PE2 9HZ
Go Permanent 29 Oundle Road,
Peterborough, PE2 9PB
Human Canvas 4 Queen Street,
Peterborough, PE1 1PA
Hypnosis Tattoo 543 Lincoln Road,
Peterborough, PE1 2PB
Ink Island  23 Orton Entertprise Centre, PE2 6XU
Lost Time 9 Wentworth Street,
Peterborough, PE1 1DH
Magic Tattoo 50b Cowgate,
Peterborough, PE1 1NA
MMaxcaTT Tattoo's 90 Bringhurst, Orton Goldhey,
Peterborough, PE2 5RT
Mr Larry Bennett 35 Western Avenue, Dogsthorpe,
Peterborough, PE1 4HS
Mr Stephen Stewart 24 Aydon Road, Park Farm, Stanground
Peterborough, PE2 8XE
Mr Steven Tweedie 49 Welland Road, Dogsthorpe
Peterborough, PE1 3SE
Pulse Red 11 Westgate Arcade, Westgate,
Peterborough, PE1 1PY 
Rites and Rituals Tattoo Studio 60 South View Road, Walton,
Peterborough, PE4 6AG
Sangoma Ink

2c Church Street, Stanground, PE2 8HE

Skin Deep Tattoo Studio 85 Farne Road, Walton,
Peterborough, PE4 6AG
The Tattoo Studio 9 St Davids Square, Fengate,
Peterborough, PE1 5QA
TKA 25 Hereward Cross, Cattle Market Road,
Peterborough, PE1 1TE
Triple D Tattoo Unit 7/8, 603 Lincoln Road, Millfield,
Peterborough, PE1 3HA
Viktorija Kazanska 133 Lincoln Road,
Peterborough, PE1 2PW
Who Dares Inks 15 Hampton Court, Westwood,
Peterborough, PE3 7JB

Tattoo advice

It is against the law to tattoo a person under the age of 18 even with parental consent.

It is also against the law for any tattoo artist or business to operate in the borough without first being registered with the council.

Thinking of having a tattoo

NHS Choices have produced a video explaining the health risks associated with tattooing. The video also includes tips on what to look for when choosing where to get a tattoo.

Have you had a tattoo by an unregistered tattooist?

A registered tattooist knows what to do to avoid spreading infection, but if you have ever had a tattoo done by a friend, or an unregistered tattooist, you might have picked up a potentially serious infection.

Unregistered tattooists, or Scratchers, have not been licensed or inspected by the Local Authority and often have poor cleaning standards and poor infection controls. Anyone who has had a tattoo from unregistered tattooists could be at risk of a number of blood borne infections. Infections like hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV often have no symptoms until they have been present for many years, but can be treated if they are picked up early.

If you think you might be at risk you can go to a sexual health clinic or to your GP to talk about getting a blood test.

More information about these infections is available from:

To discuss testing contact iCaSH Peterborough or visit your GP.

If you have concerns about a possible unregistered tattooist please contact customer services or email

Processing Request