Apply for planning or building regulations

Different types of application require different levels of information and supporting documents, depending on the nature and scale of development. You may apply online using the tool below, which guides you through exactly what is needed to complete your application for planning permission or building regulations approval. This is our local list of validation requirements.

If you are unsure if you need planning permission, please visit the Planning Portal site.

Building Regulations - Full plans (BC01)

There are two steps to this application. Firstly the Council will check the plans you have submitted and assess the proposed works against the Building Regulations. Where the proposed works meet the requirements of the Building Regulations the Council will approve those plans which can then be passed to your builder to start work.

Once the plans have been approved and works commenced we will inspect the work at appropriate stages. Once construction has been completed in accordance with the Building Regulations a Completion Certificate will be issued.

Ideally you should not start work until the plans submitted have been approved. If you start work before plans are approved this will be at your own risk and you may later have to pay for any alterations that are required in order to meet the Building Regulations.

Please note that the fee for this application type is split between the two steps.

What you need to submit

The list below details supporting documents that may need to be submitted as part of your application. Please refer to each section below in order to determine whether or not you need to submit it as part of your application.

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The completed application form

Always required

Please ensure that you have completed every section of the application form before submitting. Where sections or questions are not relevant please state this on the form.

Apply using


Please note

"Apply online" websites are provided by private companies who may charge additional fees for their services. Peterborough City Council offer no technical support for customers using these sites, if you encounter an issue please contact the relevant website service helpdesk. If you opt to download and complete the application form instead it is your responsibility to ensure that the forms, the appropriate supporting documentation and correct fee are sent to Peterborough City Council either by email or post.

Correct fee

Always required

For details of our building regulation approval fees please see the fee schedule

You can now pay online directly to Peterborough City Council.

Proposed Site Layout Plan (Block Plan)
Always required
Detailed Drawings
Always required

You will need to supply detailed drawings showing the works to be carried out, this could include elevations, floor plans, roof plans and cross-sectional drawings.

All drawings should be to an identified scale.

Specification of works
Optional with initial submission but may be requested later

Please provide detailed specifications of the works to be carried out.

Optional with initial submission but may be requested later

Please provide structural calculations relating to the works to be carried out.

Processing Request