Consent for Works Affecting Watercourses

From 6 April 2012 culverting or works affecting the flow of a watercourse requires the prior written consent of Peterborough City Council under the Land Drainage Act 1991. This is a transfer of regulatory powers from the Environment Agency.

Peterborough City Council also have Byelaws which means any works taking place within, under or over 7 meters of an Ordinary Watercourse also requires consent.

Before submitting this application we recommend that you contact us for advice on your proposal. Under section 23 of the Land Drainage Act 1991, you need consent if you want to erect a culvert or structure that may affect the flow of water on any ordinary watercourse.

What you need to submit

The list below details supporting documents that may need to be submitted as part of your application. Please refer to each section below in order to determine whether or not you need to submit it as part of your application.